Friday, January 19

Japanese quilt block 3b...Dragonfly

Japanese quilt block 3b
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Well, I'm still working on my Japanese quilt blocks...these are taking up so much of my time.
Because the blocks are all hand appliqued, they are taking a long time just to get one finished, and being interrupted with getting meals etc. ..doesn't help much either...can you tell I would rather be stitching than cooking!.
but I have nearly finished the second Dragonfly block...I'm making two of each block to start with and then I'll see if I need to make more of the same.
Here is the finished first dragonfly block, I added some detail vein stitching to the leaves and a feather stitch to the wings of the dragonfly to make them stand out more
I have ordered some more fabric from the states, as I feel I needed a little bit more of a variety to add to the quilt, so as soon as they arrive I want to work on the centre kimono block, I can't wait to start on the kimono block, that should be fun...


  1. I watch this as you go along and I'm so enthralled with it. It's going to be just beautiful when it's finished!

  2. Oh, I like this one too. Beautiful work Julia.


  3. I didn't realize you were making two of each block. I guess I didn't comprehend well enough, or I was distracted by looking at the beautiful pictures. This looks really good with the third leaf bunch on it. I was wondering yesterday how much difference it would make. What an absolutely beautiful masterpiece this will be when you finish. It probably seems to you that you are going so slowly, but to me, it seems you are speeding along!

  4. It seems to me that you are moving right along on these blocks. They are just beautiful. Oh the suspense of waiting....

  5. A great addition with the veining.


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