Sunday, January 14

Japanese Quilt Block# 2......Noshi

Here is quilt block # 2 for my Japanese quilt....
I'm really pleased with how this block turned out, this Noshi block took me a whole day to do.
It was so fiddly cut and putting on freezer paper, and then getting the pieces in just the perfect place before stitching down, but I think it was well worth all the effort.
The colours of the fabric really look great on the dark blue fabric of the background.
I'm really enjoying putting together this quilt, it's totally different to what I would normally do, and I'm enjoying the challenge
So, I'm off now to do another noshi block...


  1. I LOVE this block! I think it was well worth all the fiddly fuss.


  2. I like it, I do! It looks so diffrent from all the things I have seen from japanes things. Thats why it is so special that you design self what to do. Did you applique al the pieces one by one?

  3. All that fiddly effort was well worth the end result.
    What a lovely novel quilt it will be.

  4. Oh, definitely worth the trouble! This is fabulous. I'm going to love this quilt. I know that already. You're making up all your own designs, right?


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