Wednesday, January 10

Japanese Fabric Stash...

Well, I'm out of my holiday mode, caught up at home and itching to get back into some sewing...
These are the Japanese fabrics that I bought while away on holidays...
I've been drafting up a quilt in my head, I know exactly what I want to do, and need to get working on it real soon.
I think it will have some CQ on it but not as much as I would normally do.
Many of you would know, I really love all things Victorian, so this quilt is really going to be out of my comfort zone, but I feel I need to challenge myself a bit at this point and try something different and new.
This first lot of fabrics that I've scanned are all cotton and bought at a couple of different craft shops.

This lot of fabric stash is all authentic old silk Japanese fabrics that I bought in a Japanese fabric warehouse that I wrote about a couple of days ago.

This piece on the right is a silk Obi I bought for for $35, that's the sash that they wear around their waist, I unpicked it to use in the Japanese quilt I've been inspired to make...there is 5 metres of fabric in it, only 15 inches wide, as that is the width of their fabric, and their fabric was selling at $15 metre, so I did get a good buy for that money.
I think this piece will tie in all the other pieces together and compliment the quilt beautifully
I'm off to make a start stitching..


  1. I have some of those same fabrics! The blue dragonflies, the red hemp pattern, the red arrowheads, and a couple more. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. Hi Julia! So glad to see you back and blogging again. Was missing you!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and just look at all those goodies you found! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Such a lovely fabric!
    UnEsteemed what you will do with it, it will turn out beautiful.

  4. Lovely interesting selection!
    Will be waiting to see how it turns out.

  5. Julia, I had been wondering (for quite a while) where you were. Somehow you had dropped off my blogroll, but you are back there now, and I look forward to seeing what wonders you create this year.

  6. This will be a fun process to watch unfold. The fabrics are great!


  7. I love both fabric collections. I agree with you about the obi fabric. Isn't it amazing how much fabric it takes? I keep thinking about buying some of the kimono fabric from one of the trading companies. The only thing that holds me back is the minimum. It would cost me about $100 - well worth it for what I'd get, but totally unnecessary for what I need. =) I particularly like the reds you chose.

  8. I too am looking for a pattern for my Japanese fabrics (both cotton and vintage kimono). I would really be interested in seeing which pattern you choose.


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