Monday, January 8

A Bit of Retail Therapy...

Well, today all that holiday fun has caught up with me and all I feel like doing is hanging around the house, pottering about a little in the garden....the roses need the dead heads cut off and I see a few weeds that are almost bigger than the rose bushes.
I did a bit of shopping while we were dear friend Lurline is making a Japanese quilt, I was never much into that type of fabrics, but seeing how beautiful her quilt is making up has inspired me to buy some Japanese fabric and design a quilt.
I must have been a little over tired last night when we got home, I couldn't sleep, so I spent most of the night designing a quilt in my head, while I lay there as still as could be, Dh is off cutting up a forest full of trees in his sleep...vbg!
I went to a great place, that Maureen C told me about, called Kazari it's a warehouse full of Japanese textiles, old kimonos and beautiful fabrics that you can buy by the metre or pieces.
I bought a beautiful silk Obi, which is the sash/belt that is tied around the waist, it's has been hand stitched together, I'm going to unpick it to use in my does seem a shame to unpick it, but I would never get to use it otherwise.
They also had some of this gorgeous velvet pieces
in a beautiful colour of variegated dusty pink and green and is embroidered all over the top...I can see a couple of bags being made in this fabric, nothing too fussy that would take away from the fabric, perhaps a little bead fringing.

I also found these necklace and earring sets at the reject shop for just $4,
I thought I could pull them apart for the round flat beads....and I found some bead fringing, just $2 a metre, the beads are spaced out a bit but even a double layer of beads still works out fairly cheap.

I visited an Aunt that I had not seen for about 35 years...Auntie is 87 now, it was a very emotional time for me, she is Mum's sister and also my godmother, she looks so much like her, it was lovely to see and talk to her, when it was time to go, it was so sad and needless to say a few tears were shed.
My Mum passed away 10 years a go, I have a quilt I made my mother that I will send to Auntie, I think she would like that, I should of thought to take it with me, but I didn't...


  1. I loved the story about you seeing your dear Aunt. My Mum is dead now too, but I have an Aunt of 85, who is my fathe's last remaining sister, & I made her a quilt & a bag, as I never started quilting until after my mother died.
    Your 'finds' in the shops sound very nice!

  2. Oh, how wonderful that you got to see your Aunt. I'm sure she will love getting the quilt. It sounds as if you had a nice meeting with Maureen, too! And what shopping! All around good trip. Bet you are tired tonight, with all that quilt planning in your head last night!

  3. What a thoughtful idea -- to give Auntie the quilt. What a gift from your hands and heart to hers.



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