Tuesday, January 23

Another Little Purse...

I made this little purse yesterday...
These little amulet purse are so much fun to make and don't take very long to put one together.
I shall call this one 'Madam Butterfly' , the purple beading doesn't show up too well on the picture, but it is quite sparkly and pretty. .

This blue butterfly piece is the beginning of another little amulet purse..
These purse are good to make in between other projects.
I'm still waiting for my fabrics from the states, I sure hope they arrive soon as I really want to get on with my Japanese quilt.
Fingers crossed that they arrive today..


  1. Waoh!! I love the purple one, your small purses are so beautiful!!

  2. What a lovely 'little' project. Quick and simple, you say...I would be at it for days!


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