Monday, January 15

All of us at Olinda...

I'm still working on my Japanese blocks, so I thought today you might like to see this photo taken up at Olinda while on holiday.
Olinda is a beautiful little village up in Melbourne's Dandenongs, with lots of craft shops filled with beautiful nick-nacks and gifts
From right to left:
That's Catherine, Maureen B's DD...Catherine is gorgeous, so delightful and very easy to talk to, I loved her blue and purple hair, it looked fantastic on her.
Maureen's Dh Graeme, then Maureen and me wearing a scarf, the day started off quite cool and then warmed up to a beautiful sunny day.
Next to me is my DD Linda, who we went to visit, next to Linda is her friend Tane and her son Jakeb.
Tane did all the driving of us around, she is a very talented musician, can sing and play the guitar beautifully... even put out a couple of music Cd's and is in a band with her brother Peter and other members of her family.
And my DH is the one taking the photo..

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  1. What a great picture! Thanks for explaining who everyone is. It's so good to put faces to names.


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