Saturday, December 9

Quilters Christmas Pudd...recipe

Tomorrow, I'm going to another Christmas wind-up lunch at Teena's craft shop...
We are asked to take a small gift, a fat quarter donation for a charity quilt and a 'Quilters Christmas Pudd'....

This is the recipe I've put together for my pudding..
8" squares of fabric to represent the ingredients in the pud.
Brown for the cooked pud.
Red for the cherries.
Yellow for the candied peel.
Green for the angelica.
Three Christmas fabrics.
A foundation pieced tree block.
An assortment of Christmas charms and buttons.
And a Red Strawberry.
all this tied up in a calico square tied up with gold ribbon.

I finished the small blue needle book/hussif and this will be my small secret Santa gift..
I ran out of time, so I have not put as much embellishing on this one, but I think it's still looks nice and a lovely gift for a quilter.
I'll also pop in a blue fat quarter piece of fabric

Inside is the needle pages with their labels for three different type of needles and the scissor pocket.
Now, I just have to wrap them up in Christmas paper... I'm sure it will be a great fun lunch.


  1. Coming to visit your site is like having a box of chocolates, with treasures inside.
    Much less fattening, but just as much of a treat to see all your beautiful creations.

  2. More pretties for the eyes!


  3. I am sure the reiceiver of this blue hussif will be happey. And the christmaspudding is on I would like to "eat" LOL

  4. You are so creative, Julia! All these items are lovely and I adore the way you have incorporated pudding ingredients into the quilt!

  5. I've been bloghopping and came across your site. Your layout for your site is very pretty! And I really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful quilts and beadwork. You do great work. You're welcome to come over and visit my place anytime.


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