Sunday, December 10

Poinsettia Table Runner...Christmas

Well, I'm feeling a little sad and happy at the same time today...
Sad, that all my Christmas quilts and decorations will be staying packed away this year, as we are going to be away for Christmas, so there's no point to displaying them.
But happy that we are going to have Christmas with our DD, who otherwise she would be celebrating on her own..
I took down the suitcase that we'll need to use, and there in the case were my quilts... so I thought over the next few days, just to get me in the Christmas spirit, I would share pics of my quilts with you.

I taught this Poinsettia table runner in my class a couple of years ago..
The flowers are worked in red organza ribbon, with little gold bead centres. It's worked on a cream damask, and looks beautiful on the dark mahogany dining table..
I won't be doing much stitching now, as I'm starting to wind down and get things together for when we go away....

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  1. Those flowers are wonderful. This is such a pretty runner. Very Christmasy, and very simple, which is always more elegant than busy, I think.


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