Friday, December 8

New Quilt...Bouquet of Roses

Yesterday I put together this quilt...
This quilt is for the young girl next door.
She is going to water my pot plants and pick up my mail while we are away on vacation.
We have been neighbours ever since she was just a few months old, now she is nearly 12... her family and us moved into this street in the same week together...the best neighbours ever!
I cut out the squares and stitched this quilt together in a's that easy!
It's really simple and easy to make, just 6" squares stitched together on points with setting triangles.
A 1" sashing border to frame the squares and a 5" floral border to finish off..
Here is a link to a site I found for a table on how big to cut the triangles and the corner pieces on points.
I just need to get some wadding now and finish this off..


  1. Hi,

    Just stumbled on your blog by accident and I must say you have some serious talent. I'm loving the Santa postcard. I think your neighbour is going to be one happy girl.

  2. She is going to love the quilt. Beautiful colours.

  3. Lucky young girl next door! I like the colors you've used.

  4. What a lovely gift for the young lady. Is she interested in learning your crafts?

  5. Julia, this is just stunning .....

  6. Absolutely beautiful! She's going to love it!


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