Tuesday, December 5

New Postcard...

I made a new fabric postcard...
This time, I thought I would finish the edges off by placing the backing and the front right sides together, stitching around them leaving an opening and turning it through to the right side.
It worked out quite well, I trimmed back the excess at the corners, but next time I would not put such a thick braid down to the corners, that made it a bit difficult to push out a nice sharp corner.
Well, this is going across the big pond to a very special person...


  1. Oh Julia, everything you do is amazingly beautiful! Your ribbon embroidery is so perfect. I love this postcard. I can't wait until I can make a few more but it probably won't be until after the holidays.

    Just gorgeous!

  2. Great postcard, and I'm glad you are back to normal on blogger. You have the cutest printouts for the centers. I'm sending you an angel I got from Miss Carole.

  3. Oh, so amazing! How do you do it? One day I hope to be able to produce something this gorgeous.


  4. As usual Julia...you work is amazing. This is one of the coolest postcards I have seen!

  5. You don't actually send a beautiful work of art like this through the mail, do you? I mean, unprotected? How do you send it?


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