Saturday, December 9

New Baubles...

These are the two new beaded baubles that I've just made...
They look so much better and brighter in real life.
The green bauble is beaded with gold and tiny green beads, and the silver one is beaded with crystal and the same tiny green beads.
The silver bauble is very pretty and sparkly.

Here is a little tip you might find handy...
My DH glued some non slip grip rubber matting to the top of a jar, just big enough to sit the bauble securely on top, without it slipping and falling everywhere as I bead it...
It works like a charm....however I place it on the jar, it stays there.
I was having so much trouble trying to hold the bauble and bead it at the same time...even tried hanging it while I beaded it but it kept turning on me and I was getting into such a mess with the very long beading thread.


  1. What a great idea. Aren't husbands wonderful? Mine will always come up with a solution that I never would have thought up!

  2. Now that's a helping hand! Good hubby, too ;-)

  3. How pretty those baubles look on the tree. It looks like two ingenious ideas--or perhaps I should say two ingenious peopele--worked together well!


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