Wednesday, December 13

Chritsmas Quilts # 3 & 4...

Another two of my Christmas Quilts...
I made all my Christmas quilts about 3-4 years ago, I just loved making them, all the girls in my quilting group were doing them at the time, and I think that helped to spur us on and keep us inspired to make more.
I had intended to make a new one each year, but that idea went by the wayside when I started to do Crazy Quilting and designing my own Cq's.
This first quilt is a lovely feature quilt with it's ' Merry Christmas ' message, and candles set in log cabin squares..

Stained Glass Christmas Bells
I love this one, this is a personal favourite of mine.
This quilt did take a lot more work than the others, but I think it was worth it, all the black bias was stitched on by hand...
And there's more!


  1. Oh boy! More pretties! You really got into the Christmas Quilting, didn't you? I'm especially fond of the Stained Glass Christmas Bells too.

    What fun this has been!

  2. I really love those Stained Glass Christmas Bells -well worth the effort for the result.

    Enjoying your lovely work.

  3. Really Christmasy. I like them both, but the candles are such an unusual use of log cabin.


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