Sunday, December 17

Christmas Quilt # 8...last one.

The last of my Christmas Quilts...
This is a very glittery shiny quilt with all the Christmas shapes outlined with gold glitter.
The only stitching on this quilt is in the making up.
I embellished this quilt with the fabric glitter glue, that is used a lot on t-shirts and children's clothing.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at my Christmas quilts and that I haven't bored you too much with them.
While I've been showing you my quilts, I finished the ' Bouquet of Roses ' quilt, beaded lots of baubles to give as small gifts to stitching friends, done the Christmas shopping, attended end of year wind-up lunches and just about ready for a holiday break...


  1. I've enjoyed the Christmas Quilts. Hoping your Christmas is JOYFUL!

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely quilts. You do a wonderful job.

  3. I've really enjoyed seeing all of them, thinking about them in your home. Are you going to show pictures of the things you finished while you were showing quilts?

  4. Thank you Julia for let us see all your beautiful Christmas quilts. Are they hanging in your house all over the place?
    So cosy that will be.
    I have enjoyed to look at them and have enjoyed your blog too the past half year!
    I wish you a very happy Christmas.


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