Monday, December 11

Christmas Quilt #1...

This morning I pinned the 'Bouquet of Roses' lap quilt for the girl next door, then straight after lunch I started quilting it, so far I have stitched in the ditch all of the seams.
My back started to ache, so I'll finish the rest of the quilting tomorrow...I just cannot sit and stitch on the machine for too long anymore.

Here is a first picture of one of my Christmas Quilts...
I appliqued the blocks on this quilt with Christmas fabrics using the blanket stitch method.
They don't show up too well, but there are lots of tiny brass charms on the tree, a kitty lying on the mat in front of the fireplace.
A lovely and colourful wall hanging quilt..


  1. thats a lovely quilt. if u need more help on christmas you can visit my blog at

  2. Oh Julia, both of these are charming, but this one really appeals to me - what a lovely thing to hang on a wall at this time of the year. Hope you are having a lovely Christmas with your daughter.


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