Monday, December 18

Christmas Beaded Baubles...

With only seven days till Christmas and just three days before we take time off to spend Christmas with our DD, I have been busy beading baubles...
This is what I have been doing while I posted all my Christmas quilts for you to see.
There is still a red bauble in the making, and that's it!
Ati asked me if I display my quilts around the house...Yes I do, but not this year as we are spending Christmas with our Dd...


  1. Julia,
    I am so impressed with your beaded baubles. They are so beautiful! I'm wondering if you have a tutorial on how to make them?

    Merry Christmas (just around the corner)!

  2. As always, a feast for my eyes! I love those quilts, & you have really made me wish I have made some. I did a Bell-pull wall hanging, which I gave to my daughter. I dont have any for myself!
    Love your Beaded Baubles too.
    I hope you have a Lovely Xmas, with your daughter.

  3. They turned out just lovely Julia!


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