Friday, December 15

Christmas Baubles...

Christmas Baubles
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I beaded two more baubles..
This time I thought I would try to cover the whole bauble, and put a tassel on the bottom.
It's a bit more fiddly than the other ones I've done...another two pair of hands would help!
It's fine until you get to the bottom half where you need to decrease the beading,.
These baubles are smaller than the others and the jar DH made for me is a little big, the baubles kept falling inside the jar.
Looks like another little job for Dh coming up...


  1. I am so enjoying your Christmas quilts, I have only one right now. Yours are enspiring me to make more.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. These beaded baubles look so delicate and elegant - thanks for sharing!


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