Thursday, December 7

Beaded Baubles....just 18 days to Christmas.

Can you believe it's just 18 days to Christmas...
Well, I'm sure all the kids out there are all on their best behavior, hoping Santa is taking note as to how good they are being.
I'm getting excited too! we go on vacation to visit my DD in just 14 days!
As much as I hate flying, I am determined get on that plane all calm and composed... as I can be!

Last night, I beaded these Christmas baubles, nothing too fancy, but they do look a lot nicer than they do here, hanging on a tree out in the garden.
I thought they would be nice little gifts to give to friends in my sewing goups, before we break up for the year.

Must go...have a busy day ahead!


  1. These look really great - such fun to receive them. The ladies will love them.

  2. They look very cute. And we just have 17 days to christmas. We celebrate on christmas eve 24th.

  3. Your ornaments look lovely! Your friends will love them on their trees.

  4. Beautiful baubles! And I like them on your garden tree too!

    What a lovely gift.


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