Friday, December 1

24 Sleeps to Christmas!....

Just 24 sleeps to Christmas day!

On the 10th of December my friends and I who are part of the W.A. Southern Cross Quilters group are going to another Christmas wind up lunch...
It's being held at Teena's craft and fabric shop.
Teena has had this shop for over 18 years, a great place for beautiful quilting fabrics and everything you could ever need for any craft...NAYY and all that.
We have been asked to take along a "recipe" for a Quilters Christmas Pudding...
Take a 15 inch square of Cream on Cream, Quilters Muslin, or Homespun for use as the Pudding Cloth.
Into your pudding you need to put the ingredients for a Rich Christmas Pudding.
8" Charm Squares of Red for Cherries, Green for Angelica, Yellow for Mixed Peel, etc. (It is not necessary for these to be actual Christmas Prints).
Our pudding needs to contain a total of 10 Charms. These may be either fabric, or other appropriate items like Chocolate Gold Coins or Christmas Buttons etc.etc .
Once all the items are placed on the 15 inch Pudding Cloth - draw it up and tie with a ribbon like a real pudding.
Everybody that brings a pudding gets to take one home.
(Soaking of pudding in BRANDY Not Recommended - remember we have to drive home lol!)
Isn't this a great idea and sounds like lots of fun!

Just to spread a little bit of Christmas cheer, I'm offering 25% off most of my Etsy shop items.
There is a link to my Etsy in my sidebar.

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