Sunday, November 26

UFO's # 3 & 4...

These are two more of my ufo's...
I was learning to do these two small BDE embroideries and just stopped...all I had to do was a few buds and leaves...wouldn't you think I would have finished them!

This first one is a technic called needle lace, it's really quite simple to do, takes a bit of time and you really need to be on your own when doing it, as you have to count every stitch and row as you go.
I lost track of the times I lost count, so in the end I just guessed how many rows I had done.

This little BDE is almost finished.
You can see the pencil marks where i have to add a few buds

So these are going on my list to do for the UFO challenge with Sandie in the new year..


  1. Both of these are beautiful motifs. How nice that you don't have much to do to finish them.

  2. These are really lovely!
    Where would I look for the instructions on making your "needle lace?"

  3. Oh, these are so pretty? Will they be mounted individually or used on blocks?

  4. Oh this is so beautiful! I have a bit of trouble with those particular flowers, but I know the more I do, the more it will become like second nature. Stunning work darlin!


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