Friday, November 24

UFO # 2...

Here's another UFO...
Now this one I knew was there waiting to get finished...I have been working on this for about two years!
It just all my scraps cut up into hexagons and stitched together by hand, no paper piecing, nothing, just stitched with an eye-balled quarter inch seam.
The hexagons are quite big, 2 1/2 inch sides, I take this with me to work on when I know I'll be chatting more than stitching...a real no-brainer!
It's a great way to use up all that left over fabric that is too small for anything else or that fabric you now hate , and wondered what were you thinking when you bought it!
I have already made another quilt like this with smaller hexagons, which I use as a lap quilt on chilly nights, so this one will be for my DH.
The trick to doing one of these scrappy quilts is to make sure you don't just keep stitching on the hexs all on the one side / end.
Alternate the ends that you work on, so that the same pieces of fabric is spread out over the quilt and looks more together, rather than having all the same fabric all up one end till you run out of it.
I'll just keep going till I use up all the hexagons that I have already got cut out..


  1. Woo hoo! It looks will do great with this one.

  2. This is amazing! I just love the colors, and can only begin to imagine how much time this took. Beautiful as everything you do!

  3. That looks good. Mine has been on-going for about 17 years. =) I'm in no hurry. It's about 3 x 5 now, I think.


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