Sunday, November 19

Pink Needle Book / Hussif...finished

Yesterday I worked on the pink needle book nearly all day, and after 9 hours work on it,
this is it finished...
The little strawberry pincushion got squashed a bit in the scanner, but you can see how it looks inside.
I called this a needle book, but really it is more like a mini hussif.

As you can see here on the left, there are pages for your needles, each of the pages is labeled, with quilting, chenille, and a straws label so each type of needle has it's own page.
Under the pages is a little pocket for either a thimble or needle threader.
Then there's the strawberry pincushion, with a little pink rose on top, and scissor pocket with a ribbon to tie the scissors on , so they don't fall out..
Now my biggest dilemma is what price to put on it.
How does one put a price on hours of creating and stitching.
If it's priced too much it won't sell,...and I have heard that if it's priced too cheap, it looks like one does not value one's work.
I would love to hear anyone's opinion on this awkward subject of price!


  1. Wow, as usual your work in just amazing Julia. Really! :-)

  2. Well said Rissa, Julia your work is always tops, I am constantly in awe of your designs.

  3. 9 hours! Wow! That is a lot of work. It's beautiful.

  4. Thank you ladies,
    yes, it's a lot of work!
    it doesn't look it, but beading Sre etc, and then the puting together takes a lot of time.

  5. Julia, Don't ask me, I price too cheaply because I enjoy making the things, but do not want to have them laying around.I also know most people do not realize the hours that go into a piece so you never get paid accordingly without them knowing and/or caring. Your items are beautiful,if people only knew the quality, they would "get it". Good luck my friend.


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