Thursday, November 23

One of my UFO's...

I've taken up the challenge and joined in Sandie's UFO/WISP Challenge...I thought I was doing well with not too many ufo's...but! ...the more I look into the little nook and crannies and drawers in my sewing room, the more I find!
I found this needle turn embroidery that I think I did about 4 years ago...all rolled up in it's embroidery roll, tucked away at the back of a heap of stuff in the cupboard.
The embroidery is all finished, but I just didn't know where it was going to go in my home and how I was going to finish frame or not to frame!
It measures 36" x 18" so it's quite long.
At first, I thought the hand-dyed fabric of the pink roses and bows were too bright, but the more I look at it now, the more it grows on me.
I worked in a lot of bullion stitch lavender among the needle turn flowers and leaves.
So this is a must to get finished and hang somewhere in my home...perhaps above my bed..


  1. I love it. You need to finish it. It is too nice to be put away in a drawer. I am glad you found it and brought it into daylight.

  2. What a treasure to find tucked way back in the cupboard. I'm glad you dug it out and will give it a place of honor. It's sweet!

  3. It is absolutely wonderful. It will take very little to have it hanging on the wall. That's the kind of UFO/WISP I like!

  4. This is a stunner! I would find a place for that in a heartbeat. I have a shabby chic guest room that it would look really pretty in... ;) I will be looking forward to seeing this in its completion.


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