Thursday, November 2

New Project Finished...

My newest project is finished...yes, it was a bag/purse...
This is my Teal Petal Purse.
It has six petals at the top with beaded tassels drops.
I worked in some more flowers and buds to the side that I thought didn't look i think it is more balanced.
It is fully lined with a soft black crushed satin fabric, and has draw cord ties that are just the perfect length to carry

This is the other side, so that no matter how you carry the purse it will always look lovely..


  1. Beautiful, Julia. You always make such lovely, feminine things. I like the petals.

  2. Of course it was a bag. I guessed it. This one is beautiful with the petals.

  3. I love the design of your latest purse. Beautiful!


  4. Lovely it is, Julie. Great work!


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