Saturday, November 18

New Hussif's....

I have received a few private emails asking me if I made the hussif's to sell...
I don't particularly like making things to order on commission, as I like to create and make something on the spur of the moment, I feel I do my best work, if I just create as I go, with no real plan in mind... let the print and the colours I pick out of the print 'talk 'to me, and get inspired by watching the piece come to life as I stitch..
I thought I would make up a couple of hussif's and a couple of needle books to put on my Etsy site and see how they go..

These pink and blue embroideries are the fronts of my new hussif's, I will keep them the same size as the last ones I made as they seem to be a good practical size to carry in your sewing bag to workshops etc...and make great gifts.
I thought these vintage prints were perfect for the vintage style hussif's.
This little girl sewing reminds me so much of me, when I started sewing my dolls clothes many years ago.

These pink and blue embroideries with the vintage sewing machines are the front of the needle books.
I'm just having a little chuckle here as I write this, vbg!
"Is that you" My Dh said when he saw the print on the pink cover, he really thinks it looks like me...I don't think so!
These books will open up to show three pages for the needles on the left, each page with have a little label for the needle types..Quilting, Chenille, Straws.
On the right will be a scissor pocket, a little strawberry pincushion and a pocket for the needle threader or thimble.
Looking at this pink one here, I think I will add some gold floss feather stitching for a bit of shiny detail...

This cover is also of a vintage lady and sewing machine, I thought these prints were perfect for the needle books.
I have made this book up in a soft blue Shantung fabric with delicate pink Fargo roses and buds.
This needle book wil have the same inside as I mentioned for the blue one.
Off to work on the insides now..


  1. Oh hon, these are just stunning, simply stunning. I love soft romantic colors, and love Victoriana. Everything you do has that touch of a more elegant time. I agree with you that the piece needs to speak to you, and having to do something planned just never works out for me. I know you will not have one left once you post them on Etsy (?). I wish you the very best on this endeavor, and let me know how you do!

  2. Wow, It is so beautiful the way you frame the pictures. I think that is art!

  3. These are great! I love the work you do, and the hussif is so practical and convenient.

    Congratulations on winning on Pam's site!


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