Monday, November 13

New Hussif...Purple

I have started working on a new hussif...and it's purple!
I really enjoy making the hussifs, nearly as much as making bags and purses.
Would you believe, I do not have a hussif to use myself.
I have a lovely hussif I made a couple of years ago, it fits into it's own beautiful bag, like you ones you can see here on
Go take a look and see all the beautiful eye candy and will be inspired to make one I'm sure!

This is my first hussif, I love it, but it is a bit on the big side so I don't use it much, I think this new size will be more practical for me to take to my group sewing days.

This is the beautiful matching bag for the hussif.
I have used it as an evening bag and had so many comments about it,
These sort of bags are not really used here where I live...I think they are thought of as too fancy...but if the mood takes me I will wear it out again...


  1. Okay, here is the requisite oh and ah! It's like fireworks, such a bright display.

  2. I have just discovered your blog.
    I fell in love with everything I have seen!
    I have just been feasting my eyes on your work!


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