Tuesday, November 7

New Hearts...Shades of Purple, 1 & 2

I have been working on some new hearts to swap in my COH group.
These two purple ones I have called Shades of Purple 1 & 2 for want of a better name, it's always so hard to know what to call them.
I haven't made any hearts for a while and with so many new ladies in the group, it will be nice to receive a heart from another country and a new lady that I have not swapped with before...
I have promised Margreet first choice.
These hearts are only 6 inches across, but it's amazing how much work still goes into them, but they are lots of fun to do..


  1. Julia, as always your hearts are stunningly beautiful ... wish we could swap! lol ....

  2. Purple is always a stunning color and what you did with these hearts is breathtaking. You are a true artist.

  3. These are stunning, you have a wonderful eye for CQ. Beautiful

  4. I'm speechless! These are soooo beautiful!


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