Wednesday, November 8

My Hussif Tutorial...

After I made a little hussif for a friend the other week, several girls have asked me for the pattern.
I know that there are many hussif's out there on the net and I would just like to say, this particular hussif is entirely all my design from start to finish.
I designed this hussif to be a nice practical size, simple, but elegant, with pockets to hold all the essential things a quilter needs to carry.

Please read all the instructions through carefully first.
NOTE: that all the measurements are the finished sizes and all seam allowances will need to be added
You will need:
Main fabric of your choice
Cotton Muslin to back inside fabric
Pellon to back front fabric piece.
Felt pieces for needle pages
Embellishments: lace, beads, threads, silk ribbons, etc..
General sewing requirements : needles, matching threads, scissors and basic sewing machine in good working order..

From the main fabric: Cut 2 pieces 13" x 6 1/2" Plus a generous 1/2 inch seam allowance all the way around.
From the Muslin and the pellon cut 1 of each the same size as the main fabric pieces.
Working on the outside piece first:Baste the pellon onto the back of a main fabric piece, measure and run a tacking stitch where the stitch and fold line is marked on the pattern so you will know where it will fold and where to stitch later on. Note: the front section on the right, and is slightly wider than the other two.

Embellish the front section however you wish...embellish and attach a little pocket to the other end of the outside piece..this pocket will be on the inside folded piece..see photo.
Now working on the inside of hussif:Baste muslin piece onto the back of the other main fabric piece, and again run a tacking stitch where the stitch and fold line is marked on the pattern to divide it into the three sections...the front will be on the left here, under the needle pages..
Cut out the pocket pieces, again with seam allowances...embellish..turn raw edges under and machine stitch in place. Attach a piece of ribbon above the scissor pocket to tie scissors on with.
Cut two pieces for the needle pages flap, put right sides together, machine stitch around three of the sides leaving the top open, turn through to right side...cut three pieces of felt slightly smaller to fit under flap, turn the top raw edge of flap over the felt pieces and stitch in place.

With the outside piece done and all the pockets in place on the inside piece.

Lay the two pieces wrong sides together.... pin in place, run a machine stitch along the stitch and fold line through all the layers to hold them together.
Make a little strawberry pincushion and pin in place at the top, above the needle threader pocket.
Cut strips of binding two inches wide and bind the hussif with the binding.
Make ties from the same fabric or cut pieces of matching ribbon and hand stitch in piece at the front edge, and the other on the back, near the pocket on the stitch and fold line.
I finished off my hussif by working a feather stitch around the inside along the binding.

I beleive the word hussif was shortened from the word housewife..a hussif was a little sewing kit that men at war and nannies years ago...(and most likely still do).. carried to darn their socks, sew buttons back on and do little mending jobs...I think that's right.
I hope you enjoy making this little hussif...Please note that this hussif is copyrighted to me, you are welcome to make for your own personal use, but no part of this pattern may be reproduced in any way or form without my permission.
Ribbonwiz 2006


  1. This is so, so beautiful! I made one, but it was my own little pattern, and it is just a plain thing. I always loved the kind that you posted on your blog, but I am always just throwing my poor thing all over the place, and this is just too beautiful for everyday use. I think it would be a beautiful gift for a quilter, especially with Christmas around the corner. How kind and giving you are to share your pattern with others.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment.

  2. I am absolutely convinced! Ladies such as yourself and many others in the CQ online world are so very kind, generous and sharing! What a dear you are to post this and share it with us.

    Many thanks from the bottom of my heart. -)

  3. I love all your new hearts!

    Thanks for the tutorial. It's so nice of you to take the time to do that. Do you know where the term hussif originated?

  4. Julia .. wow, you amaze me .... this is lovely and can't wait to make one.. thank you again for being so generous. Huggles ....

  5. Julia, this is beautiful and thank you for the wonderful directions! I know how long it takes to write up tutorials and it's very kind and generous of you to take the time to do that your loyal blog readers!

  6. Thank you so much for the tutorial. So many of us want to make one of these but it's so foreign that we shy away. It's so wonderful of you to take the time for our benefit!

  7. Julia, Thank you so much for sharing this beauty with us.
    I hope I will find the time to make one for myself. I HAVE to :-))

  8. Thank you so much for writing this up for us. I know how long it takes! Now i ave another project to add to those I can't wait to do.

    Your work is always so beautiful!

  9. Thats gorgeous! Just so beautiful. I'm trying to design my own hussif but I'm always working on three things at once!!

    I'm off to tell people about this on my blog!

  10. Julia, Thanks for sharing your talent with us all...your hussif is wonderful as is all your works.

  11. Found my way here from Pam Kellogg's blog and may I say Wow!?

    This is great tutorial, thank you! :)
    I'm not a quilter, but a cross stitcher, and I sure will use your hussif tutorial in future!

    - Outi

    P.S. Could it be possible to allow non-Blogger/Googler comments too and just use word verification as a spam prevention tool? It's usually enough, and I'd (like many others, I presume) like to sign my comments as myself. :P

  12. Camille, I made your hussif and I'm just so thrilled with it! Thank you for sharing your tutorial with us. I hope my 20 year old daughter likes it. I have a daughter-in-law who I am making one for next. So much fun!

  13. Hi Gumbo Lily,
    I don't have an email for you, to send you a mess.
    Thank you for your lovely comments.
    I'm so glad you are having fun making the hussif, I'm sure your daughter will love it, and your DIL too..

  14. I'm just now printing out your instructions to make a Hussif for my sister for Christmas.. yours is so pretty I only hope mine comes out half as nice:)

  15. Does anyone know where I can find a pattern to make a reticule?

  16. Wonderful job! Thanks so much for sharing this with us all! I really want to make this. On your last picture though, I can't get a larger image to be able to make out some of the measurements like I can with the other two. Could I get the pocket measurements? Thank you so much and I can't wait to make this!

  17. Beautiful! Seeing it brought memories of my Great-Grandmother pulling her silk embroidered hussif out of her apron pocket work on her mending while we had tea. Since I was only 4 1/2 at the time you can tell it really made an impression on me!

    BTW link for the last diagram is missing

  18. really cute. thank you for sharing. hugs from Italy.

  19. How perfectly lovely. I'm new to CQ and have been wanting to make something like this. It is an inspiration.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  20. I was waiting for something like this. Perfectly simple:)

  21. My mother had a hussif issued to her when she served in the WAAF in WWII - and I still have it, with her service number written on it in indelible ink. It isn't half as pretty as this one, though!

  22. It was called a housewife. The women used to make them for the soldiers in the civil war. It's in a book called "remembering Adelia" It is her diary. And she used to make them.

  23. From Arizona - USA
    So Pretty - yes, inspiring - but what i really love is the use of your machine's abilities that you have showed in this piece - Great Showing! Thank You!

  24. I wanted to say a really big thank you for posting this tutorial.

    I loved what you made and it
    inspired me to make one of my own.

    I can't add a picture here.
    If you would like to see what you inspired me to make
    please see my blog

    Many thanks

  25. I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.


  26. I love the tutorial!!!!!! I am having trouble reading the measurements on the third picture. Could you clarify please? I really want to make one!!!!!! It is perfect!!!!!!!


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