Friday, November 3

Introducing Millie...

I'd like you to meet Millie...the quilting angel.
I took Millie with me to the Halloween party and I've just been working on her as a little fill in, when I need to stitch without having to concentrate to much.
I think she's kinda cute!
I want to do a little more on her and then I think she will either be in a frame or a redwork cushion.
I have used DMC variegated thread #115.


  1. She's adorable! 115? I usually use 498, I think. I know some people use 321. I will have to check 115 next time I'm at the store. She'll make a great picture or a cushion.

  2. I love her!!!
    I am also doing this cute angels. And now you are reminding me on this. Have to look through my boxes to find them.

  3. She is so cute! Have you seen the Periwinkle Lane Series? You could either do a fill or use the crayons and then outline stitches, adding beads, SRE, etc. They are adorable and this little gal would look awfully cute in the middle of the Perwinkle Lane blocks. Looking forward to some updated pics.


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