Wednesday, November 15

Hussif Pockets....Purple

Well, I had a great day sewing yesterday...
I enjoyed sewing up a pair of crop pants for myself much more than I thought I why is it called a pair, because really, it is only one!
It went together like a dream, usually I have trouble fitting myself, get so frustrated if it doesn't go right and end up chucking it in the bin...but those Burda patterns are usually a pretty good fit.
So now I have a nice new pair of olive green crop pants and a black pair (that word again) cut out ready to be stitched, I'm not modelling them!

Last night I worked on the pockets for the purple hussif.
I've kept this one all in shades of purple and green.
The large flower motif on the left is rather lovely, the centre of the flower is padded with a little cotton ball which makes the flower stand out...I'm hoping to have it finished today..


  1. So very pretty Julia. Love the colours as always. You'll have to model your pants ... or show us a photo some how ...

  2. I really like the purple. You've put some wonderful embellishing on it. You always do such beautiful work.

  3. As usual your work is lovely Julia...but i want to see the pants! :-)

  4. This new hussif is beautiful. You're inspiring me.

  5. This is so, so beautiful. I would love to make something like that, but since I just plop my poor little Hussif around, I cringe just thinking about doing something like this and something happening to it. The one I made is just functional, but something like this beauty for a gift I would do.


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