Wednesday, November 1

Happy Halloween...

We had Halloween yesterday here in Australia...I just must tell you about what a great day I had with my guild p/work friends...
I have never celebrated Halloween before, we had so much fun, I will remember this fondly for many years to come!
I took these photos with my cell phone, so I'm sorry they are not the best.
This is how our Canadian hostess greeted us as we arrived, doesn't she look great...As you girls would say" what a hoot'
Just outside the front door was a cardboard coffin with a mummy wrapped up and laying in it.
As we walked in the house, it was all decorated with so much Halloween stuff, you would not believe...I have never seen anything like it before...What fun!

This tombstone was there , as was this spooky display of masks and stuff.. Halloween things were everywhere!

And the food...Would you believe we had:
Dragon balls and blood.....meatballs and sauce
Maggots...fried rice
Bat wings....Chicken wings
bones...Coleslaw salad
slime!...Green jellied salad
Black cakes with orange frosting
shortbread fingers...and I mean fingers with almond slivers for nails!
Oh, and fruit punch with a rubber hand in it!
and so much more...
Thank you girls for such a great day filled with lots of fun...and many thanks to our hostess who went to so much trouble setting this up, it was my first halloween party and I shall treasure this memory forever....


  1. How much fun is that! What a great hostess she was, and what fun it sounds like you had. The menu is hilarious!

  2. What a load of fun, one year I must do this for my son, his 13th birthday next year .. and with him being a Halloween child ... perfect. Love the photos Julia


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