Thursday, November 16

Fabric Postcards ....received

This week I received theses beautiful fabric postcards from Sandie and Rose Anne...
This first one is from Sandie, beautifully created on cream fabrics.
Sandie has embellished the card with a vintage Santa print surrounded with very festive embellishing like wreath, holly, candles, a lace tree motif and a lovely bauble charm.
I shall be showing this off to every one.
Thank you Sandie, My very first fabric postcard's gorgeous!

This beautiful Christmas angel, flew to me all the way from Canada from Rose Anne..
It's even more beautiful in real life, the blue background is perfect for this angel to shine on.
Rose Anne, how did you ever get such neat perfect satin stitching!
On the right here, you can see the back of the card..
Rose Anne posted the card in a clear envelope, with stamps cancelled and it came through the post beautifully undamaged.
I have covered up our addresses for privacy.
Thank you Rose Anne, I love it!..


  1. Both of those are wonderful postcards. How lucky you are!

  2. Those are just wonderful! What gifted friends you have:)

  3. You are very welcome. And I see she is still in her clear envelope (chuckling).
    Rose Anne


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