Tuesday, November 14


Well. I never thought I would have to go back to dressmaking for myself again..
I have not stitched up anything for my self in years, in fact I cannot remember the last time I made myself something to wear clothes wise.
I would much rather be doing craft, Crazy Quilting, SRE etc. then be sewing for myself.
I have just been buying basic everyday clothes items like tops and bottoms, but since I have been a good girl and lost 6.5 kilos, I have a renewed interest in clothes...well, all my old stuff don't fit me anymore!
I hate altering clothes, I would much rather start with a new piece of fabric.
Tops have been no problem, I have been able to buy some lovely tops , but bottoms, pants especially are another story.
All I want are some light little crop pants to wear in the warmer summer weather, but they are all to long in the crutch, too wide in the legs, and what is worse is that they are all cut low, way below the waistline,... if you know what I mean!
As I'm only as tall as the tape measure is long...just scraping 5 feet, I tried the kids department, but nothing, unless I want bright lime green or lolly pink...which would be fine if I was 10-12 years old.
I could draft myself up a pattern, but I have a stack of old Burda pattern books, so out they came, this one here is dated May 1976, they are written in German with an English supplement booklet, which is great and easy enough to understand, there's even some craft and yummy recipes.... I think I will steer clear of the recipes!
I nearly gave these away to the Good Sammy's many times but just could not bring myself to part with them, I'm so glad I kept them.
It was fun going through these old books, and it's true, classic designs never date, I found a pattern that will do me just fine, with a little bit of adjusting, so I'm off to do some dressmaking for myself...


  1. Hi Julia,

    I wish I had a figure like that model in the magazine! LOL Good luck with making your own clothes, with your previous history on creating lovely clothes, you will no doubt come up with lots of lovely items. Well done with the weight loss!

  2. Oh, I'd rather eat dirt than sew clothes. I swore when I no longer *had* to make my clothes, that I'd never do so again.

  3. Congrats on the loss of weight. I know you must be thrilled! I have been trying to lose those 25 extra pounds since I got married, and they don't seem to want to come off. But, since I am 5' 11" people say it does not show. But the clothes sure let me know. Since I am hard to fit because of my height and high waist, I just got a program called Dress Shop, where you insert your exact measurements (and there are a lot of them, right down to your wrist size) and it drafts out patterns to fit your body. Those patterns on the market, do not fit me in any way, and I love to sew, just never have been able to find a pattern that fits properly. I am sure with all the beautiful things you do, your clothes will also reflect that. Good Luck!

  4. Hey darlin, you can download the pattern software directly from the site! They have a demo if you want to play with it. You can't print out anything, but you can get to see what it does. I bought the standard one, and it is a lot of fun designing your own clothes. I think it is about $10 more if you want them to send you the CD, but once you have your activation code, you can re-download your software anytime you want. They also have loads of pattern sets that you can purchase to add to your program. Here is the link if you want to take a look:


    This one is another part of Living Soft Programs. It is called My Pattern Designer and with the demo, you can acutally print out the sloper pattern to give it a try to see if you like it. This one you can order one pattern at a time instead of all the patterns in the collection. Here is the link for the Designer:


    Let me know how you do!

  5. Livingsoft is a waste of money. Try Wild Ginger instead. www.wildginger.com


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