Saturday, November 4

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery...

There's a lot of talk about BDE on my group of late and I thought I would share with you a picture of a kit I bought a couple of years ago.
I love this kit, but I do find the threads knot up and twist a bit on me, which is why I think I put it away and forgot about it until just this week when we started to talk about BDE again.

This is what it should look like when it's finished..
I bought the kit from JDR Brazilian Elegance which you can see here .
There are lots of beautful kits and embroideries, all this eye candy will surely tempt you to give it a go..


  1. How big is the whole thing? It looks like it would be a lovely block in a quilt or a pillow top.

  2. I'm curious to know how large this is too? Do the pre-printed fabric marks all get covered and not show??? Very nice Julia, get this UFO finished, would look stuning in a frame on the wall!

  3. Hey Julia, you really do need to finish this...... it looks like a fun piece to do. Gotta check out the site now.

  4. From the work you have done so far, this is beautiful! I have always used the Edmar Threads on everything, including my seam treatments, and yes they can be a bear. I say, finish this lovely project! Your almost there now!

  5. The sampler looks so lovely and even better in the larger view. I hope you finish it soon Julia.


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