Friday, November 24

Birthday!!....250 years old!

Just had an email from my DD who had been checking over my blog...
Well, there was a little hitch when I switched over to beta after all.
My DD emailed me to say.."Mum, you look pretty good for a 250 year old"!
It seems when I changed over to beta...blogger didn't change my birth had me down as born in 1756!
My DD thought I had done that for a check your profile ladies if you have recently changed over to beta..


  1. This is hilarious! I have been holding out on switching over, but with my luck when I do, Methuselah will be younger than me..

  2. Julia, the funny thing is that I just recently looked at your profile and noticed that you had 250 years old there. I laughed and thought that you were quite clever putting that in! It's a good mistake!



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