Tuesday, October 10

Young Girl Print..

This is one of my favourite prints of a young girl..
Yesterday, the more I looked at this print, the more I want to do something different with it.
So I played with this print and this is what I have done so far...I still need to do a bit more on it.
I think I need to branch out a bit more from the big flower motif on the left, so it doesn't look too top heavy and like she is wearing a hat!
I don't know what I'll make with this yet, but it will most likely go on my Etsy site...

Have you been to the Etsy site yet?
I did not know about it until I saw it metioned on Pam's blog...Pam sells her beautiful work on Etsy and you can get to it through her blog.
My online 'Gathering' friend Pat also has a Etsy shop...You can get to it through her blog too. Their work is beautiful and well worth having a look.
Etsy is for handmade items and most things are a one off...so you won't be walking down the street and see another one like it.
I know I can only ever do one of any thing I do.
It's always exciting to start something new, not knowing really what it will end up like..as I like to create as I go.. with no specific thing in mind, just let it flow as I go.
I think it's the idea of creating something new and different each time that inspires me..

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  1. Well thank you Julia! I'm the same way. I like to create as I go, I love to "make things up" and I love not knowing what something will look like when it's done!

    This is beautiful! Your work is so wonderful.


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