Tuesday, October 31

Working on New Project...

I'm working on a new project....I bet you can guess what it is,... no prizes for guessing what it is!
I've put these pics up to see what they look like from this perspective.
This project is a little bigger than what I have been doing, and one of these embroideries will be on each side of it.
I personally like the first piece, I think it must be that Edwardian lady print, she looks very serene and sophisticated...Do you think so!

It's amazing how different they look up here, and I'm able to pick out where I could add some more beads or ribbon work.
I think this second piece does need some more work on it...I think I need to branch out a bit more with the ribbonwork.
Off to do more work on this...


  1. Oh another keyboard ruined from my drooling episodes, admiring your gorgeous 'bits n' pieces' ... can't wait to see this finished. Of course it will be a bag :-)

  2. Julia as always your work is stunning. I can see I shall have to start experiementing with more lace as the way you use it is simply inspirational. Well done.

  3. It's a new bag I guess. You have so beautiful laces on it.

  4. All your work is sooooo beautiful.
    I do not post every time I pay you a visit but I admire what you do.
    It's very inspiriting.

  5. What a bautiful work, and I agree, she look so serene...

  6. You and your work take my breath away! So beautiful and elegant!

  7. Smashingly beautiful pieces, Julia. I'm like Sandie and drooling all over the keyboard........ must remember to keep a bib handy LOL


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