Friday, October 13

Purple Heart CQ..

I spent nearly all day yesterday on the computer...going through all my files and folders and having a bit of a clean up.
I was so itching to sew....I had an idea in my mind and wanted to get going with it.
I told Dh it was his turn to cook last night!, so I could get started on my idea.
Whenever Dh cooks, it's always spaghetti bol, so guess what we had for dinner!
This is what I stitched up last night.
I'm going to make something with this...I don't know if it will work , but I have a good try at it.

Lately, every time I start something new,I have been picking up purple, I was always more a burgundy and dusty pinks gal!
I lay in bed last night, could not sleep, my mind turning and tossing about what I wanted to do with this heart, and thoughts and ideas kept coming up in my minds eye to other ideas I want to try, one idea leads to another and another.
There's so much I want to do...just need more hours in the day...


  1. hehehe Julia, I relate well to DH cooking and Spag Bog for dinner. Your heart is beautiful and I cannot wait to see what you create with it .....

  2. Yes!!!!!!!!!!I knew I knew there was a "purple bug virus" out there. I have had it for 17 years now. It is contagious, but painless. You just have to continue working with purple when the feeling hits, and you will be just fine.The only bad thing about this bug is finding yourself having to wear purple a lot so you can use the things you made! That, and the fact your friends get many purple gifts!!!


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