Monday, October 30

New Purse...

Yesterday afternoon I put together this little purse...
I know...not another purse you say!...but I can't help it, I love making bags and these little purses.

This black velvet neck/ shoulder purse is lined with lovely soft crushed black satin, it has a detachable silver chain strap, a beaded hand-dyed lace motif that extends over the edge of the purse flap.
Some bead fringing and a press snap closure to finish it off..
I think this will be offered for sale in my etsy shop.

With only a few weeks left to Christmas, I thought I would offer 20% off all my unique handmade items in my etsy shop till the end of November.
If anyone is looking for a nice gift for someone or for yourself, there just might be something there that catches your eye..


  1. That is beautiful! I know someone who is saving money to buy one of your purses. =) If that's what you enjoy making, why wouldn't you keep making new ones? Yes, a great gift!

  2. Hi Julia,
    I just visited your online shop; everything is beautiful - and reasonably priced too. I really think we never get the real worth of what we make, when we sell stuff - people just don't appreciate the work that goes into them. I am VERY tempted to buy the Redwork crinoline lady, but I know Ken would say "Why did you buy that when you could do it yourself?" He doesn't realise that I couldn't do it as well as you!

  3. Oh Julia, not fair! This is gorgeous and now I have to decide between this one and the other one that I want. I'll be placing my order as soon as I can make a decision!

    Yes, keep making what you like. So far, I've only sold a few custom things but I know eventually someone will come along who won't be able to live without one of my items. I know it's important to do what you love so keep making those purses! I love making purses too!


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