Wednesday, October 11

New Bag...Young Girl Print..

The print I was working on yesterday has been worked into a new Bag/Pouch...

It's a shame that I can't quite get the scanner to show up the true colour of this fabric.
I wasn't able to take a good true colour photo with the camera either.
It's true colour is a rich deep Teal taffeta, a little like a shot taffeta, that changes colour slightly depending on which way you turn the fabric.
I added some more tiny beads and softened the look a little by fanning out from the print with gold floss feather stitch.
The lace is hand-dyed in shades of purple with green and old gold painted on the leaves

Under the purple beaded flower is a cluster of glass flower and leaf beads with a sprinkling of tiny beads trailing down the left side

The purse has a buckram stiffened collar around the top with a vintage button closure.
It is fully lined with the same fabric and I have sewn little paper bag corners at the bottom.
With the purse this generous size , I thought a long 48" strap from the same fabric was best, so that it can be worn across the shoulders...


  1. Oh Julia, that is so beautiful! I have a thing for purses. Just so gorgeous!

  2. I agree!
    It is really beautiful. I like the colors that you have chosen.


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