Sunday, October 8

My Name is ' Elizabeth'....

I think when I was tagged this week to write 5 weird things about myself, I should of added that I'm going through my second childhood!...
Dh said to me today, when I showed him this latest doll..."how old are you!"
I can't help it...I'm having so much fun making these little door hanger dolls.
They are a lot of work...and there's no easy way to make them, if there was I would have found it!.
Though I am getting better at drawing the face on, I think Elizabeth has the nicest face so far.
This time I hand beaded the fringe along the bodice as I wanted to add the purple beads to it.

Elizabeth has a little lace doily/motif in her hair with a folded mauve organza/satin edged ribbon rose on top.
She's off to join the other two on Etsy, and hopefully someone will like her...


  1. Oh Julia, these are just so beautiful! YEs, I've been to yourEtsy shop. STill have my eyeballs on your black velvet handbag with the silk ribbonwork. IF it's still there when I get a little extra cash, it's mine!!

  2. These are so sweet Julia. I can't choose a favorite! I love to see what new things you come up with. Always a treat.

  3. Another gorgeous dolly!!!!!!! So pretty! Puts mine to shame, I haven't even finished a couple of them ..... another UFO.


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