Friday, October 6

Meet Edwina & Flo...

I'd like you to meet the two new additions to my family.. Edwina and Flo.
This young lady is Edwina.
I thought Edwina was a nice Victorian name.
She is made out of a tea dyed doily, with beaded hand-dyed laces around her neck and on her head.
She also has a Ivory beaded fringe around her bodice.
I made her to hang on a door knob as a decoration piece.

And this young lady is Flo...
Dh named this lady as he thought she looked like a ' Flo '..
Well it is a nice old fashioned name and I do think that suits her... do you?
Flo is also a door knob decoration and made from a doily with hand-dyed lace around her neck and a pretty pink lace over her brown hair.
I have added the same Ivory beaded fringe across her bodice.
These dolls are so much fun to make...the hardest part is drawing the face on.
I think these two young ladies will go on my Etsy shop and see if someone will give them a good home..


  1. Ohhh Julia, they are delightful. I have made some of these too, many years ago now and they are stuffed into a dresser in my bedroom, I shall pull them out and show you sometime soon on my blog. I used some of my favorite doilies so I could find a way to display them.

  2. These little ladies are just gorgeous. I've never seen anything like this before. How creative you are.

  3. Julia, do you do anything that I don't like? I'm drooling all over my keyboard here! Beautiful!!!

  4. I love both Edwina and Flo! They are just adorable. I hope they are adopted by loving homes soon.


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