Tuesday, October 3

I've Been Tagged...

Oh Dear!....I've been tagged.
The rules of the tag are that I'm supposed to list 5 weird things about myself or my pets. I then tag 5 friends and list them. These people write on their blogs, 5 weird things about themselves/pets and then tag 5 more people.
Linda who has several blogs about dolls, now also called 'the blogging queen' has tagged me.
I think the idea is that tagging helps to promote our favourite blogs, and lets others know they are out there to be read and enjoyed..

Ok, here goes...not that I think I'm weird!
I'm sure my family think I'm weird though the way I spend ALL my spare cash on Stash...it's fills a room.
My crafts are everywhere, all around the house...poor Dh has to live with it all too! I just can't stop creating things.
Big secrect.....I have one weird foot bigger than the other by nearly a shoe size...that's not easy to buy shoes!
Is it weird to not have a pet? No pets.
I love food, have a son who is a chef, but I hate cooking.....weird!
Sorry, that's all I could think of...I told you I didn't think I was weird.

Now, who will I tag?
Girls, I hope you don't mind, but I'm tagging these dear five blogger friends,
Sandie In Australia who does beautiful Crazy Quilting and hosting our Gathering get together next Easter, May Britt a lovely qulter in Norway,
Jo in New Zealand, whose blog is always fun to read, Catherine also in Australia, whom I hope to meet at the gathering next Easter, and for the fifth blogger, Susan in the States who is a full time traveller with her Dh.
By the way...you cannot tag me back!

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  1. I accept the tagging. No problem fining weird things about me and my pets LOL I will blog it later today.


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