Monday, October 2

Happy Birthday Dana....

This post is to wish my dear P/work friend Dana a Happy 40th birthday...
That's Dana on the end at the right side of the picture...She is the youngest of the group.
There are a few girls missing from this photo....Dear Helen taking the photo is one of them
That's me, third from the left in the front... terrible photo of me, having a bad hair day!
We have been together as the Pelican Quilters for six years now.
So called the Pelican Quilters because we live in a little beachside town with seagulls and pelicans.
We meet every Tuesday and they are a great bunch of girls that has kept me ' sane '...

I could not say so at the time...but the folded ribbon roses I was working on last week was for Dana.
I made this cushion for her.
We had a lovely morning tea in her home enjoying the morning together..

"When friends meet, Hearts gather"


  1. You look lovely Julia as do the other ladies in your group and the cushion is gorgeous!!! Happy Birthday to Dana .... the BIG 40 - wooo hooo!

  2. You know that I love your blog and all your creations, Julia. Please consider yourself "tagged." It's a new, fun way to get all our blogs out there. - I was tagged and was told to tag 5 blogging friends......LOLOLOLOL so you've been tagged. To see what you have to do please visit my Linda's Blog at . Have fun tagging.



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