Tuesday, October 3

Gathering Block # 7...

Here is Gathering Block # 7...
I don't know why but the colours of this block did not scan true to colour.
In real life the blue seen here is really a Jade green silk, just like the green in the print...that's why I picked to use it.
Anyway, the colours are a soft peach, silver grey and a jade green, a little different to what I usually like to work with.
I needle tatted the beaded motif, ( I'm still trying to shuttle tat), and I tea dyed the lace bird motif.
I thought this print was so pretty and it was nice to work on something different from the Victorian colours that I love to work on.
I'm now working on block # 8.....Slowly getting them done.
You can see all the gathering blocks here on my flickr.


  1. Another beautiful block from you. I have also wondered why the colours sometimes get sooooo wrong on the photo. Blue and green are very difficult colours on photos.

  2. Simply stunning as always Julia. Can't wait to meet you at Easter and see your work in the "flesh".


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