Thursday, October 12

Doiley Doll Pattern..

Catherine has asked me if I could write up some instructions on how I made the doiley dolls that I posted last week, so here goes...I hope you will be able to understand them.
First you need to pick out a doiley that you want to use.
I used a vintage lace doily, but Sandie has made the dolls up in vintage embroidered dolies and they are lovely.

If it is a lace doily, it will need backing so that the stuffing does not show or come through.
1. Cut a backing for your lace doily smaller than the actual doily, about to where you will be stitching when folded in half and stitched, mine are just above the last row of the scallops on the lace. Please take a look the finished dolls here on my Flickr
2. place backing under doily and machine stitch around in place.
3. Next cut out a dolly head out of tea dyed homespun or whatever fabric you want to use.
I have up loaded a head pattern that I is actual size, if you can down load it from here you are welcome to...It should measure: 4" high x 5 1/2" wide at the shoulders. Just make sure it is not too big for your doily, adjust to suit your size doily.
4. Transfer the head pattern onto fabric...This will be your stitching line....Leaving the bottom open, stitch around on the drawn line, then cut away the excess leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.
5. Turn through to right side and stuff the head and most of the shoulders firmly with polyester stuffing. There's no need to sew up the bottom.
6. I find it easier at this stage to embellish the doily before I make the doll up.
7. Cut a small hole in the middle of the doily, just big enough for the dolls head to go through
8. Push the head through the doily middle, fold doily in half and stitch around starting at one side leaving about 2" open at the other end to stuff with the filling.
9. Stuff firmly and stitch opening closed.
10. Finish the dolly off however you wish...Draw on face, glue on hair, add more lace and beads, add fringing, etc... and don't forget to name her!...


  1. Julia - You're wonderful. Thank you so much for those. The instructions are so easy to understand even I can make some of these dolls. Thank you again.



  2. Wonderful instructions Julia, you have made them a lot easier than I did mine ... lol I will print out to keep for the next time I feel like making some of these little delights. Thank you for being so generous and sharing, you really are such a treasure!!!!!!! biggest hugs

  3. Thankyou for sharing I have actually made these brooch size ...very fiddlely.

  4. Thank you for the instructions Julia. What if you put a little bag of lavender (or something else that smells very good) inside the body :)

  5. You really do make some beautiful things Julia. Thanks for sharing your Doilie doll design with us.


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