Monday, October 23

Christmas Postcard # 1...

christmas postcard 1
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My first fabric postcard..
I have just finished my first fabric postcard for a little swap I am in , and it was great fun!.
At first I had no idea what I was doing or what to put on it.
I have some lovely vintage style Santa prints, which I think is just perfect.
The prints fit in just beautifully with the Victorian look that I love.
I added a little glitter to Santa's gown for a bit of sparkle, and worked in a cream poinsettia at the top right corner.
One thing I did learn though, is to not put too thick a braid out to the sides, as it's hard to get a nice neat machine finish over the braid at the edge...


  1. Beautiful. Which size is the postcard. I have seen so many postcards around in the blog so I am tempted to try to make one...or two.

  2. Just beautiful, Julia, just beautiful!!!!


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