Thursday, October 26

Christmas gifts..

With the count down now well and truly racing up to Christmas...
I'm really getting stuck into making gifts for friends and secret Santas for my craft groups
This is the embroidery I posted yesterday and what I've done so far on this piece.
I have already spent hours on this piece, and still have lots more to do on it..
I make these embroideries from the heart and a lot of me goes into them, sometimes I find it very hard to part with them, but it is for a special person and I know she will love it.

These are for the pockets that will be stitched to the inside of the hussif, these pockets are for the scissors, needles, pencils etc..
I'm hoping to have this finished today.
A quick clean through the house, a couple of loads of washing and back to stitching...


  1. really pretty designs. they will make wonderful gifts i am sure. you are quite an artist i must say.
    just take a look at this Christmas Blog for some really cool gift ideas and lots of other unique things.

  2. This is spectacular... I can't wait to see what you add next. The giftee sure better appreciate this. ;0)

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful projects. These are absolutely stunning!

  4. Oh my! It takes my breath away! Truly a gift from the heart. Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration you give us all.

  5. Just beautiful Julia, looking forwards to seeing the finished piece.

  6. Really beautiful, and your recipients are very lucky that you put so much of yourself into each thing you do.


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