Thursday, October 12

Arm Chair Caddy...

This is a little arm chair caddy that I made up in Cq ..
I was playing around with hexagons, and thought I would make this up to see if it would work.

I did cheat a little by doing the seam treatment stitching on the machine...well, I was trying out the decorative stitches on my Husqvarna sewing machine!
The caddy has a little pin cushion on top and the other side is similar to this side.
It lost it's hexagon shape a bit in the making, but I think it still turned out quite nice..


  1. Oh Julia, this is gorgeous! I love the stitching done on the machine too, it's beautiful.

  2. I can't believe I somehow missed this post! I love this and will have to go make one right now...


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