Wednesday, October 25

8 Weeks to Christmas!....

I looked at the calendar yesterday, and nearly's just eight weeks left to Christmas!...
Now I really must get serious about starting on the Christmas presents and the secret Santa gifts.
I'm in three groups here, which I have to make a secret Santa gift for, and then special friends that I make for.

This is the start of one of the gifts...I think this will be the front of a little hussif.
I'm going to bead all the hand-dyed lace, and work in some SRE flowers in between the cameo and the lace.
The background fabric is a heavy taffeta in a lovely rich plum colour.
Off to do some more stitching..


  1. Julia, as is the cameo piece is stunning! Cannot begin to imagine the beauty with what you're planning to add.

  2. Julia,
    This is so beautiful! OK, dumb question - what is a hussif?

  3. Two months to christmas....gosh....and I have not yet started om making christmas gifts. I say it every year that I will start early. But time just rush away. Have to start.

  4. I have almost finished with my Christmas shopping well in time unlike last year... and your cameo piece is marvelous... I wish I had something like that... Peep into this amazing Christmas Blog to check out some really cool stuffs and unique ideas


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