Wednesday, September 6

Tatting on Cq... Heart From Norma

Tatting looks great on Cq, and it's always lovely to receive some tatting on a cq piece, especially when you can't do it yourself...

From Norma
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This gorgeous heart with a tatted fan motif came to me in a swap with Norma.
I so admire anyone who can tat, I wish I could tat.
For the life of me I just can not use the shuttle to tat., I get myself all tied up in knots literally.
I can needle tat, but it's not the same, I think shuttle tatting is so much more neater and a better finish.
Here are a couple of pieces I needle tatted, I loved doing the beaded tatting and it's really not too hard to do once you get the hang of it and get going.
These patterns were free on the net.
The beaded tatting piece is a design by Dianna Stevens 2004, you can find the beaded design here, and there are lots more designs here, these designs are for personal use only.
The heart design is by La rae Mikulecky and is here this heart design is for shuttle tatting but I managed to needle tat it...quite proud of myself I was too..


  1. I *love* tatting! I was looking at some butterflies, hearts and dragonflies the other night and wishing.... This is all lovely. From here, I can't tell the difference between shuttle and needle tatting. =)

  2. WOW, what a great heart, and the tatting is so beautiful, Norma is certainlyu one talented gal!



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